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Haven's Cove

by Shady at 8:18 PM
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Trivia Nights!

After recently trialling a few Trivia nights, I figured it might be an idea to organise a proper night with plenty of time to plan ahead.

On the 31st July at the times below, Haven's Cove will be holding a trivia Night. Those wishing to join in will be required to join the server. There may be a plan to implement a radius chat plugin for the even, but that may or may not happen. If we are able to get the plugin, the event will be held in the fancy new event hall @Premela built in spawn!

The questions will be fairly simple. There will be 4 rounds each with 5 questions. So 20 questions in total.
At the end of the...
by Shady at 2:00 PM
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Welcome to May!
We've been without a news post for a while. But things have been happening over the last few weeks! Below is a quick rundown of all the current and planned changes to Haven's Cove.

Magic World 2 map reset!

The Magic world map has reset again! That's about it really.. Not much has really changed to the server besides that. The only major additions are the deeds which will be covered in the "Donor Changes" section below.
So yeah, enjoy your fresh start.

Donor Changes
The donor rank is undergoing a few changes!
The addition of the Buycraft store to...
by iiNori at 6:56 PM
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As most of you know, the Minecraft name changes have been released. So I'm here to warn you that if you do change your name you will lose all the items you have on any of the MC servers. If you are planning on changing your name i recommend you put your stuff away if you don't want to lose it. Also you wont be able to access any of your claimed chests or areas, so either un-claim everything first, or contact a staff member after your name change to remove the claims. Lastly you will lose any rank you had before the name change so you will have to contact staff about receiving the rank you had.
by Shady at 8:12 PM
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Hey there!
To celebrate the festive season, Haven's Cove is running a Christmas Game Giveaway! Players will be able to submit their names into a draw and on the 25th of December, 4 winners will be announced! I've gone to the effort of buying a couple of the latest and greatest titles on steam and a junk game that has been in my inventory for a few months! :p

The prizes are as follows:
Civilization: Beyond Earth
Alien Isolation
Burnout Paradise
A Donor Rank

1st place - First choice between all of the prizes.
2nd place - Second choice between all of the prizes.
3rd place - Third choice between all of the...