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Haven's Cove

by Shady at 9:29 PM
(870 Views / 2 Likes)

Haven's Cove has a new Magic world 2 server!
IP: ~ mw.havenscove.net

Looking for something a little more casual than Blood N' Bones and Agrarian Skies? I know I have! (Seriously I suck at both.)
So I decided to bring back Magic World 2 as a proper server! This time, everyone can join and experience the long list of typical Haven's Cove plugins!

Be sure to abide by the usual server rules and point out an issues that may arise.

This is of course a Feed the Beast modpack (If you were unaware) the FTB launcher can be downloaded here.
by Shady at 2:14 AM
(203 Views / 0 Likes)
Unfortunately the Agrarian skies map has become corrupt. This is irreversible.
The backups in place were apparently not functoining correctly. After several hours of poking, prodding and hair ripping I have decided that they only way forward is a new map.
I apologise to those who put all their hard work and time into their islands. But there is nothing I can do. Compensation will not be provided to older players. Everyone will just have to start fresh. I have spent the time building a new island which may spice things up a little.

The old map will NOT be available for individual download. I'm led to believe that it will be un-loadable, therefore It is not in my interest too spend time uploading it.

As it was supposed to be my day off...
by Shady at 3:05 PM
(217 Views / 2 Likes)
I decided it was about to to make a steam group. (I was honestly just bored out of my mind) So if you're a frequent or even infrequent steam user, freel free to join it! With any luck, we might be able to get a few multiplayer games going. I've been meaning to play some Ol' Left for Dead if anyone is interested. ;)
Join uuuuuss.
by Shady at 9:06 PM
(430 Views / 2 Likes)
IP: FTB.Havenscove.net
Haven's Cove now has a second server to go alongside Agrarian Skies!!
We're currently running the terrifying "Blood N' Bones" Feed the beast modpack. So if you're in the mood for some wonderful death, be sure to jump on the server.
Keep in mind that it's currently in a "beta" mode. Spawn is slightly unfinished, there may be a few typos and crashes and restarts may occur. Have fun!